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Louisville Pedestrian & Wheelchair Users Mailing List


This list serves as a sounding board for pedestrian issues in Louisville. Discussion of pedestrian issues usually focuses on the so-called five 'E's: Education, Encouragement, Engineering, Enforcement, and Evaluation. Also, obviously, we mean to include not just people walking, but also people using a wheelchair and running. (Bicyclists please go here or here instead).


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Support Complete Streets

Please call the capitol message line at 1-800-372-7181 and ask your legislators to support Kentucky's Complete Streets bill, SB 133. It will soon be heard in front of the Senate Transportation Committee. Finally, go fill out this survey so you can communicate with the other supporters. 

Brownsboro Road Diet continuing

The project is supposedly proceeding this spring, after the Sherman Minton reopens.

Thanks to the more than three score people who came out that night to support the project!

Don't forget to sign the petition.

Some supporters of the project / Courtesy Kirk Kandle

Brownsboro Road Diet petition

This online petition is being organized through Tina Ward-Pugh's office. Please take a moment to sign it.

Livable Streets Action Alert - Brownsboro Road Diet Needs Support

Some businesses are attempting to organize against the Brownsboro Road Diet.

You Can Help

Who You and all the friends you're about to invite...
What Rock the 9th District Community Forum
When Wednesday, Jan 25th
Forum starts: 6:00 pm
Diet topic starts: 6:20~6:30 pm?
Kentucky School for the Blind Auditorium
1867 Frankfort Avenue
(google map)
(TARC #15, #19)
Why Walking without Fear
How Applaud the presentation. Wear one of our stickers. If there's opportunity to comment, come forward and say "I Support the Sidewalk and Road Diet."

What is the Brownsboro Road Diet?

Talkin' Walking

Walking is the most important mode of human transportation. Nevertheless, in transportation, walking is seen more as an annoyance than anything. This bias is baked in to the languate of transportation engineering. The very word "pedestrian" means "lacking in vitality, imagination, distinction, etc.; commonplace; prosaic or dull".

I'm going to try to convince you to purge the word "pedestrain" from your vocabulary.

Leave it to the road building establishment to replace the short and neutral term "walk" with the mouthfull "pedestrian". And if you delve into the manuals on "pedestrian design", you will see a grim experience indeed. The pedestrian's habitat is concrete and paint stripes. Bollards and signals boss them around. Concerns arise on how "compliant" they are to crossing the street. This "pedestrian" language downgrades walking to be as dull as driving a car, but without the priority given to motoring.

Just Kidding on Brownsboro Road Diet

Apparently LMPW construction trucks in the exact location of the road diet were there for some other purpose. CART member Bill Wright reports that the road diet is still hung up with Tom Hall at KYTC District 5.  Tom.Hall 'AT' ky 'DOT' gov

CART mistakenly reported the diet was under construction here. Sorry.

Construction begins on Brownsboro Road Diet

Update: Story is false. Retraction.

Construction trucks were on Brownsboro Road wednesday, presumably working on the road diet.

Construction has begun on a sidewalk linking people and businesses in the Clifton and Clifton Heights neighborhoods. Space for the sidewalk was created by narrowing Brownsboro Road from 4 travel lanes to 3 - a 'road diet'. This is a key technique for creating walkable and bikeable neighborhoods, and we hope that as soon as this project is seen as a success, we can start to look at road diets elsewhere too.

Activists gather after the Metro Council vote approving the road diet. The diet was approved unanimously.

Report Close Calls on Foot or Bike

Louisville Metro Government has a new web reporting tool you can use to report "close calls" on the road. The data you enter will be used to "assess potential conflict points and the frequency of near misses at these locations".

I plan to use this to report things like bullying crosswalk behavior - the sort of incident that is reckless, but something the police can't do anything with. If there's contact, or immediate danger, call 911.

Diet & Feast!

Firsty, the Brownsboro Sidewalk & Road Diet is up for final approval by Metro Council. Clifton [Heights] Community Councils are calling for public turn-out at the meetings, to hold signs and wear stickers. Be there or send the council a message of support.

Road Diet Vote

Old City Hall - 6th & Jefferson
Metro Council Chambers

Secondy, there will then be an immediate victory-party at Car Free Happy Hour:

Car Free Happy Hour

DiOriio's Pizza
310 Wallace Ave, St. Matthews


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