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CART Spring Event Will Drill Into Strategic Plans

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Maybe its just me but it seems like there are a lot of things happening in and around Louisville's governing bodies right now.  The Vision Louisville project ramped up last year and Phase II begins this Spring.  The outline of the Mayor's Strategic Plan is now online.  The Land Development Code revision process started last year and the Land Development Code Improvement Committee is calling for final recommendations by March.  The Cornerstone 2020 comprehensive plan is soon to be replaced with a new comp plan.  There is a draft sustainability plan circulating and the Sustainbility Office is seeking input.  Work begins this Spring on the The Multimodal Strategic Transportation Plan.  The KIPDA Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) expires in 2015 and a new one will need to be prepared before that.  There is much more.    

CART Follows Revisions to the Louisville Metro Land Development Code

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Changes to the Louisville Metro Land Development Code (LDC) are of great importance to all Louisville residents.  Decisions made by the LDC Improvement Committee and subcommittees will impact the character of our community for years to come. The LDC's are therefore of great interest to CART as LDC's directly impact transportation needs, particularly the development path for transportation infrastructure.  We believe that the future development path of transportation should be multi-modal, public transit centered with less emphasis on accommodating personal automobiles.  Below the fold are the schedules for upcoming meetings of the LDC Improvement Committee and all the LDC Improvement subcommittees as posted at the time of this writing on Metro Louisville's Planning and Design website.

CART will monitor developments of Round Two of the process and provide input when possible.  We believe it is important to follow all the subcommittees because all aspects of the LDC have implications for CART's mission of advocating for sustainable public transportation.  You never know when a seemingly unrelated item will have significant transportation implications.

Support Complete Streets

Please call the capitol message line at 1-800-372-7181 and ask your legislators to support Kentucky's Complete Streets bill, SB 133. It will soon be heard in front of the Senate Transportation Committee. Finally, go fill out this survey so you can communicate with the other supporters. 

Google Maps now works with TARC

"Google Maps makes public transportation easy"

I tried it and it worked for me.

Read all about it at this TARC page.

Diet & Feast!

Firsty, the Brownsboro Sidewalk & Road Diet is up for final approval by Metro Council. Clifton [Heights] Community Councils are calling for public turn-out at the meetings, to hold signs and wear stickers. Be there or send the council a message of support.

Road Diet Vote

Old City Hall - 6th & Jefferson
Metro Council Chambers

Secondy, there will then be an immediate victory-party at Car Free Happy Hour:

Car Free Happy Hour

DiOriio's Pizza
310 Wallace Ave, St. Matthews


Car-Free Happy Hour Spcial TAX Edition

Thursday night. Click "Read More" for details...

Presentation: Louisville to Lexington on Passenger Rail

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Ralph Tharp, executive director of Kentucky Capital Development Corporation in Frankfort, is championing a new passenger rail service linking Louisville, Lexington, and nine other stops. Trains would run at commute hours, and combine the speed of driving with the superior comfort, safety and economy of rail.

More information: Riding the Train -

Who You! (facebook)
What CART Quarterly Meeting
When Monday, April 18th - 6-8 pm
Chao Auditorium
Ekstrom Library
University of Louisville
Why You want to hear about Passenger Rail
How in partnership with University of Louisville's Sustainability Council
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