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The Transpo-Bike Mailing List

A Discussion of Bicycles as Transportation in Louisville

If you bike for transportation, or bike-commute, or are interested in becoming a better urban cyclist, then this list is for you! By sharing experiences, innovations, and shortcuts we can make the urban biking experience better for us all. We're also dedicated to making Louisville a more bike-tolerant community, leading by example and (when necessary) by political action.


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Louisville Pedestrian & Wheelchair Users Mailing List

This list serves as a sounding board for pedestrian issues in Louisville. Discussion of pedestrian issues usually focuses on the so-called five 'E's: Education, Encouragement, Engineering, Enforcement, and Evaluation. Also, obviously, we mean to include not just people walking, but also people using a wheelchair and running. (Bicyclists please go here or here instead).


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CART Follows Revisions to the Louisville Metro Land Development Code

 land use image

Changes to the Louisville Metro Land Development Code (LDC) are of great importance to all Louisville residents.  Decisions made by the LDC Improvement Committee and subcommittees will impact the character of our community for years to come. The LDC's are therefore of great interest to CART as LDC's directly impact transportation needs, particularly the development path for transportation infrastructure.  We believe that the future development path of transportation should be multi-modal, public transit centered with less emphasis on accommodating personal automobiles.  Below the fold are the schedules for upcoming meetings of the LDC Improvement Committee and all the LDC Improvement subcommittees as posted at the time of this writing on Metro Louisville's Planning and Design website.

CART will monitor developments of Round Two of the process and provide input when possible.  We believe it is important to follow all the subcommittees because all aspects of the LDC have implications for CART's mission of advocating for sustainable public transportation.  You never know when a seemingly unrelated item will have significant transportation implications.

CART Annual Meeting - board seeks to amend bylaws

6pm, Wednesday May 16th, 2012
Clifton Center, 2117 Payne St

Business Meeting includes an update on the

  • CART Bridges Project lawsuit
  • Bike/Walking Initiatives
  • Election of Board of Directors
  • Membership vote on bylaw changes - see attachment

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Livable Streets Action Alert - Brownsboro Road Diet Needs Support

Some businesses are attempting to organize against the Brownsboro Road Diet.

You Can Help

Who You and all the friends you're about to invite...
What Rock the 9th District Community Forum
When Wednesday, Jan 25th
Forum starts: 6:00 pm
Diet topic starts: 6:20~6:30 pm?
Kentucky School for the Blind Auditorium
1867 Frankfort Avenue
(google map)
(TARC #15, #19)
Why Walking without Fear
How Applaud the presentation. Wear one of our stickers. If there's opportunity to comment, come forward and say "I Support the Sidewalk and Road Diet."

What is the Brownsboro Road Diet?

2012 CART board meetings

Meetings are open to the public, and are usually the third wednesday of the month, 6:00-7:15 PM.
Feburary and March: main library, basement meeting room across the hall from the elevator.
April through December: Crescent Hill Library (note: second Wednesday in Nov & Dec)

CART Begins 2012 with New Faces and New Resolve

CART has undergone some significant changes in the last few months of 2011 and will start the new year with a new President, and a new Attorney representing us on the Bridges Project issues.

Ron Schneider, who had been CART's president for several years, resigned in November, and David Coyte was elected to replace him at the December board meeting.  Ron is retired from Kentucky government where he worked in the Division of Air Quality and for the Transportation Cabinet.

He oversaw a review of CART's bylaws and pushed for a more disciplined CART presence.  Ron still serves as the Kentucky Representative to the National Association of Rail Passengers and we look forward to working with him in that capacity.   

Bylaws 2011



Transcribed July 2002 to incorporate amendments through May 2000
Retranscribed to incorporate July 2011 amendments


There shall be two (2) classes of membership, Organizational and Individual.  Organizational membership allows a not-for-profit organization to become a member of the corporation, and to exercise as an organization those privileges and rights as would be accorded an individual member.  The participation of Organizational members, in voting and in participation in corporation meetings, shall be by representative, and the representative designated by the Organizational member as voting representative shall have the authority to cast one vote per organization on any matter put before the body for a vote.
A representative of an Organizational member may be elected to the Board. If this director leaves the Board, the vacancy will be filled as per Article 4, with no presumption that the Organization is entitled to a seat.

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