Car-Free Happy Hour Bursts into Flames!

Sooooooooo......whaddya doing next Tuesday night?

You say you have a date with your television? With your couch? Need to paint your nails? You say the icky cold, dark, winter weather makes you unwilling to leave the house and the warmth of your bunny slippers and snuggly thing?

Wellllllll.......I have a something that will warm you through and through. Come on out to Car-Free Happy Hour! It's so hot, IT'S PRACTICALLY ON FIRE! The tasty food and bevs at Car-Free Happy Hour will WARM your mouth, large intestine, small intenstine, stomach, etc. The fascinating conversation and excellent presentations will HEAT UP the neural pathways in your noggin. The fab new frienships you will forge will SET YOUR HEART ON FIRE. The residual toastiness from Car-Free Happy Hour will keep you thoroughly thawed until Spring arrives.

Bring a friend or two. They like to be warm, too!

Tuesday January 12
@The Monkey Wrench
1025 Barret Avenue

Seeya there!


The Queen's Christmas' Commute

Minding the gap:


Louisville's 'Southern Strategy' for Amtrak

There is a consensus in the transportation activism community that Amtrak will be back in Louisville. We know how to do it - we did it a decade ago, and gained vital experience doing it. Generally the groupthink is that we'll restore service to Indy and Chicago, because that's what we had last time.

David Hodson turns that idea on its head:

I want to introduce a subject if we could get some momentum going on could be quite feasible to re-establish Amtrak service to Louisville. With the recent stimulus funds and additional funding to Amtrak if we could get Metro Council, State of Kentucky, Nashville TN, State of Tennessee, Birmingham AL and State of Alabama on board I believe we could at least get a demonstration route for at least one year established between Louisville through Nashville TN to Birmingham AL to connect with Amtrak's Crescent service at Birmingham. Such a service would not only connect with The Crescent to New Orleans but a short layover in Birmingham would permit travelers to connect East to Atlanta GA.

The Mongiardo Plan for Louisville - Phase 2

While the construction of the Rapid Access Monorail would get top priority, the plan also calls for linking in the suburbs using existing freight rail tracks and Diesel Electric Multiple Unit trains - hereafter DEMUs.

DEMU Technology

These were referred to as "Hybrid Light Rail" cars during the presentation, and although this is technically accurate, nobody else calls 'em that. There was an effort to tie into the strong "Light Rail" branding that still lingers on here in the wake of "T2" Light Rail.

DEMUs are hybrids because they have a small diesel engine and a battery, both of which can power the wheels. And they're light rail because they're lightweight and efficient.

Daniel Mongiardo Transportation Presentation

You are invited to:

"A 21st Century Public Transit System Serving Kentucky & the Louisville Region"

Presented by Dr. Daniel Mongiardo, Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky and candidate for U.S. Senate.

10am December 3rd, 2009
Louisville Union Station - 1000 West Broadway

This meeting is free and open to the public.
Please join us!

More below...

Market Street, 1905

This is San Francisco's Market Street in 1905, the dawn of the automotive age. The interplay between pedestrians, streetcars, wagons, and cars is amazing. As foreign as anything you'll see in another country.


Interview with William S. Lind, Conservative Transit Advocate

I recommend Lind's book, Moving Minds, to everyone interested in public transportation.

Transportation For America is promoting a public discussion between Mr Lind and Sam Staley.

Retrospective on Louisville's Elevated Passenger Rail

Branden and R. David over at Broken Sidewalk have this quality post up about Louisville's passenger rail. Its a must read for rail fans.

Cincinnati's Proposed Streetcar - A Good Investment?

As you probably know, Cincinnati has proposed a $200m streetcar line. As usual, the anti-tax crowd is bashing the idea, no surprises there. However, NAACP has also joined the fight against the streetcar. When you have the NAACP working against public transit, it is time to think deeply about what you're trying to do. Until today, I haven't been able to cut through the rhetoric and get to the tofu of the issue. However, Urbanophile rides to the rescue, with his new piece titled 'The Great Streetcar Debate'.

States seek $102b in High Speed Rail funds - $008b available.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood can hardly contain his enthusiasm at the prospect of all those applications. And in truth, it looks like the next transportation authorization will probably kick in about $10b/yr in HSR funding, so it is indeed good that the states are working so hard on this.

See also our previous article: High Speed Rail: The Battle of Chicago

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