TARC Shocker: Demand Up, Raising Fares, Cutting Service

ridetarc.org news release:

The TARC Board of Directors today gave tentative approval of a $68 million budget for Fiscal Year 2009 that includes a combination of fare increases and service reductions. The board considered several options for making up a $4 million shortfall resulting from rising gas prices and other costs before giving tentative approval to the budget proposal.

Under the proposed budget reviewed today, the base fare of $1.25 would increase by 10 cents and $1 million in service would be cut. The board recommended considering an increase to 25 cents and reducing the amount service that would be cut. If the fare increases to $1.50, about $500,000 in service cuts would be made.

“We don’t like increasing fares and we don’t like cutting service. It’s not the direction we want to go in,” said TARC Director J. Barry Barker. “But when you don’t have enough revenue, you have to do something.”




Car Free Guides to Louisville Neighborhoods

All of CART's Car Free Guides to Louisville Neighborhoods are now online!  Many are still in print in dead-tree edition - check with your local neighborhood group.

  • Car Free Guide to the Highlands (2009) pdf
  • Car Free Guide to Clifton (2007) pdf
  • Car Free Guide to St Matthews (2005) pdf
  • Car Free Guide to Deer Park (2003) web

CART's Bibliography

CART regularly makes claims that leave the public going "huh?".  That's because we're reading the wonky research that's recommending no new roads, higher gas taxes, increased investment in rail, and increased investment in public transit.  So here is our bibliography:

CART Newsletter, Winter 2008

"Another Dam" Issue

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  • Mother Anne Lee Dam Online
  • Complete Streets bills in Kentucky & Illinois
  • TransMilenio Bus Rapid Transit in Bogotá, Colombia
  • Wall Street Journal: Oil Officials See Limit Looming on Production
  • Bicycle Helmets Stigmatize & Kill?
  • Sweden uses Subway Body Heat to Heat Offices

TARC Ridership Trends Through 2007

Graph showing ridership growing about 5%/year in 2006 + 2007.

TARC is Louisville's public transportation agency.

A Car-Free Guide to the Deer Park Neighborhood

Why Be Car-Free?

A car-free life can be a carefree life. Life without searching for parking spots, pumping the gas, waiting in traffic, getting speeding/parking tickets, and avoiding car repair/breakdowns can be less stressful and healthier. You don't have to be totally car-free to enjoy the benefits either. Being car-free for just one day can still make a difference. Imagine if everyone was car-free for just one day each week. That would be a 14% reduction in the pollution we create.

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