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October 12th KIPDA Transportation Technical Coordinating Committee Meeting

 KIPDA map

This is a guest post by CART attorney Clarence Hixon.

 Hillview City Center, October 12, 2012

I attended the Hillview meeting on behalf of CART.  During the meeting KIPDA staffer Mary Lou Hauber presented a plan for an Interim Transportation Improvement Program (Interim TIP) which she called an "update."

This new "Interim" TIP would have a promulgation track with a new conformity analysis in January and public comment period in March. This would be a TIP covering a four year period for projects using federal funds from 2013 to 2017.

Ms. Hauber seemed to stammer around avoiding an explicit discussion of why KIPDA has to prepare an "Interim TIP" but stated it was being done as "a precaution" in case anything should happen and the present TIP should be rejected.

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