Car-Free Happy Hour Spcial TAX Edition

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Support the Brownsboro Road Diet!!!

A Critical Hour for Louisville

Will we have a city forever wishing its streets were superhighways, or built for people too? Tuesday, you get to decide.

For thirty years, residents of Clifton and Clifton Heights have had no way to walk along the north side of Brownsboro Road. The road abuts an overgrown cliff face, that makes it impossible to access the traffic light for safe crossing. After over a decade of tireless work by the Clifton Community Council, Clifton Heights Community Council, and the blind community, there is a chance to finally make this right: a "road diet" for Brownsboro Road, removing a vehicle lane and rebuilding it as a sidewalk. This is not considered a radical idea in most cities, but it will be a very big deal in Louisville.

The Case for the Big 4 Bridge


The Big 4 Bridge will be completed in a year or two, if we can find $12m for the Indiana ramp. But why should we build this bridge? Read more...

Sidewalk Right of Way and Statues

Check out the LEO fatlip blog which is covering the PETA KFC chicken statue saga. The city has denied PETA's request to place the statue citing sidewalk-right-of-way issues.

Sidewalk statues can be really annoying. About time someone stood up on this issue!

Though we haven't looked at the site in question, this has been a nagging general concern of ours for a few years.

Five Louisville Sidewalk Hotspots


Chestnut near Norton
Photo Credit: Rolf Eisinger


 (click "Read More" to see all 5 hotspots)

Demonstration Acknowledges Speedy Progress

& asks for Sidewalk Diversions to become a standard tool in the design of worksites

Accomodating walking needs to be standard operating procedure not just on Main Street, but in the entire city.

Thank You!

Thanks go out to Louisville Department of Public Works & Assets and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for moving quickly to address this important issue! Thanks also to Phil Miller at the Mayor's office, Terra Long at Councilman Owen's office, and Rob Haynes at Councilman Tandy's office. The thanks are for this!:

Read more below the fold...

Louisville Walking Network Under Siege by Construction!

Protest Planned For Friday

UPDATE: check out the exciting news about Main Street.

Downtown Louisville has the most important sidewalks in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Not only are the walkers here incredibly numerous, but they're also the economic engine that keeps the state afloat. The business deals, the bus stops, the remote parking lots, the lunch meetings - all these trips have a walking component. So you would think that we would take special measures to keep walking downtown safe and dignified - it's just common sense.

Our elite cadre of CART photographers recently took to the streets to see how we're doing on that...

Here you see the long-standing Arena construction site. We're looking at Main Street between 2nd and 3rd. You can see they've blocked the sidewalk with a fence and some orange-and-white barricades (they're technically called "longitudinal channellizing devices" or LCDs).

Forehead Smacking Sidewalk Photo of the Day

Main Street, between 1st street and 2nd street. Sidewalks are closed on both sides of the street in the dead center nucleus of Louisville.

Event: Sidewalks from All Sides

Clifton sidewalk - photo Dave Morse

Complete, Clear, Safe and Accessible

Clifton Community Council Quarterly Meeting
March 25, 2010 at 7:00 PM
Clifton Center, 2117 Payne Street, at Clifton Ave.

Presented by the CCC Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Committee. Contact: Cassandra Culin kyspring@bells??th.net, 895-5727

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