[bike] May 16th Old Louisville Bike Facility planning mtg

Justin M Mog justin.mog at louisville.edu
Wed May 4 13:46:05 PDT 2011

Please consider joining us for a very special community design meeting focused on improving bike facilities (especially northbound) through Old Louisville! Join us and spread the word:
Community Design Charrette for an Old Louisville Bike Facility (part 2)
Monday, May 16th 7-8:30pm
Urban Design Studio ( http://udstudio.org ), 507 S Third Street (502-587-7015)

This will be the second of perhaps four community meetings, moving forward from our April 21st meeting at which the following was decided:
• Priorities for next couple meetings:
o Set goals/objectives/vision
o A process for looking at full range of options
o Choose most feasible options – look at all
o What would Public Works be willing to do?
o Set time-lines of process and implementation
o ID barriers to implementing – political, emotional, economics
o Signage to show right of bicyclists – make motorists aware
o Customize signage for OL
o Police enforcement
o ID which streets can’t have bike lanes (9th St., Magnolia/2nd St – too narrow)
o Read literature on successes – send out via email
o Lessons learned from other organizations
o Terminology – “facility” – refers to signage/bike lanes/etc.

• People to be in on planning:
o UofL
o Bicyclists – existing/potential/clubs – survey
o Police
o Councilman James
o 1st responders (ambulances/firemen)
o Landmarks
o Major bike shop owners
o Student government (UofL/Spalding/Presentation/JCDC/JSPS)
o Tourism (Convention & Visitors Bureau)
o Better Business Bureau
....As for the requested literature on successes, here's a few things I can think of:
1. Fundamentals of Bicycle Boulevard Planning & Design:
2. NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide:
3. Bicycle Partnership Program Handbook: 
4. Fort Collins Bicycle Master Plan (see, especially, Bike Boulevards section of pdf p.46-47):
5. Benefit-Cost Analysis of Bicycle Facilities:
6. Bicycle Countermeasure Selection System (BIKESAFE):
7. Portland, Oregon's Bike Boulevards:
8. Tuscon's Bike Boulevards:
9. Berkeley's Bike Boulevards:
10. Minneapolis Bike Facility:
Happy Bike To Work Month!
Justin Mog, Ph.D.
Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives
University of Louisville | UofL Sustainability website ( http://louisville.edu/sustainability/ ) | 502-852-8575
215 Urban Studies Institute | 426 W. Bloom St. | Louisville, KY 40208
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