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Transit Song of the Day

Well, perhaps more "anti-transit song of the day", but we don't have a category for that. :)

KaBAM!! Traffic Calming Goes in at Willow Park

Tired of hasty drivers running over your loved ones as they try to access the neighbourhood park? Cherokee Triangle apparently was, because they're installing assertive new traffic calming to reign in aggressive motorists. This huge new bulb-out is so large it's actually seems like it will become a little mini-park in it's own right. The walkers and runners we observed were enjoying a beautiful fall day, unconcerned with motor vehicles. Furthermore, that sidewalk link used to be slumming, running right up to the road. Now we're able to walk this intersection with safety, dignity, and delight.

Cherokee Parkway looking east towards the park.

With this, Parks proves once again that walking is not just an issue of smooth sidewalks and thermaplastic crosswalk stripes. Traffic calming is a great technique, and we don't use it nearly enough in Louisville. More pics when you hit "Read More".

Car Free Happy Hour

Yippeeeeeeekayayyyy! It's time for September's Car-Free Happy Hour

Tuesday September 14
@ Big Blue Country
426 Baxter Avenue @ Lexington Road
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Transportation for America endorses Obama's new transportation plan

Transportation for America has endorsed the President's new plan for a transportation spending bill before the November elections. T4's James Corless:

Louisville Metro Council rebels against ORBP funding scheme

Motion introduced opposing the levying of tolls on existing infrastructure in order to pay for new motoring infrastructure. The motion has over 16 co-sponsors in a 26-seat body, so it is sure to pass. See the C-J article. Louisville will join New Albany, which passed a similar measure, opposing tolling and the construction of a new I-65 bridge if tolls would be required.


Why do Kentucky's inter-city bus services stink?

"Broken Wheels" []


Advantages of Rail Transportation Slideshow

If you're not one of the ~40 people who showed up for the CART Annual Meeting tonight, you can catch Dr Jerry Rose's powerpoint presentation here [40mb].

The Case for the Big 4 Bridge


The Big 4 Bridge will be completed in a year or two, if we can find $12m for the Indiana ramp. But why should we build this bridge? Read more...

Sidewalk Right of Way and Statues

Check out the LEO fatlip blog which is covering the PETA KFC chicken statue saga. The city has denied PETA's request to place the statue citing sidewalk-right-of-way issues.

Sidewalk statues can be really annoying. About time someone stood up on this issue!

Though we haven't looked at the site in question, this has been a nagging general concern of ours for a few years.

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