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Car-Free Happy Hour November 18

Car-Free Happy Hour NZovember 18

Saturday: Mid City Mall Redevelmpment Charrette

TARC tests new 3-bike racks

Photo courtesy Andy Dyson @ Bicycling for Louisville

TARC's "Bikes on Board" program has been so successfull, people are complaining that there's no space. One possible stopgap is to replace the current generation of 2-bike racks with 3-bike racks. TARC has outfitted a pair of buses with triple racks and is going to begin testing them soon. Reps from CART and Bicycling for Louisville were invited to give feedback at a meeting today.  The racks were not perfect, but neither were the existing racks. Yours truly brought his biggest, most cantankerous bicycle, which is actually incompatible with the current crop of racks, and it looks like both models of new rack are better for it.

If you use one of these on the street, be sure to write TARC and/or comment here with any thoughts you might have on them.

Kentucky fails to land any Tiger 2 capital or planning grants

USDOT has released the recipients of the Tiger 2 grant program, and as we kind-of expected, Kentucky didn't manage to get any projects funded. In particular, they were apparently unmoved by Kentucky's case to fund the final stages of the Big 4 Bridge. Indiana did manage to get $1.8m for "Waterloo station improvements" and $0.8m for the "South Shore Commuter Railroad Realignment Study". Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think those are in southern Indiana.

Transportation for America has additional coverage.

Hat tip: Dan B.

Shelby Park Pedalers' Picnic

Family fun this saturday. See for details.

Bike Lanes Pop in at Poplar Level Road!

CyclingProject365 breaks the story...

More pictures below the fold...

Bike Lanes coming to Poplar Level Road

Bike Lanes are slated to be installed on both sides of Poplar Level Road from I-264 to Eastern Parkway. In a recent benefit-cost analysis performed by consultants for the city, Poplar Level Road bike lanes served the most citizens for the least cost of any bicycle lane modifications.

The plan calls for a "lane diet". The road is currently 5 lanes, with a 12' inner travel lane and a 14' outer travel lane. KYTC will modify the inner lane to 10', and the outter lane to 16'. Then Louisville will subdivide the 16' into two lanes: an 11' lane and a 5' lane marked for the exclusive use of bicycles.

[Edit: totally wrong information struck] The speed limit on the road is 45mph - a rarity these days within 264 - and there are not as many driveways and intersections as some roads, thus decreasing dangerous crossing conflicts that plauge bike lane safety. Furthermore, bike lanes are also planned on Eastern Parkway, which would tie even more destinations together.

Lousivillians Bicycle and Ride Transit in Record Numbers

Automotive commuting continues slow decline

2009 saw the highest rates of county-wide bicycling and transit use on record in Louisville.

  • Transit nudged up to 4.1%, breaking the 2007 record by a hare. Recall that TARC was running on stimulus funds in 2009, and in 2010 they had to do two brutal cuts. Unless something is done, 2009 will likely be the high water mark for transit ridership in Louisville for a while. Candidates, are you listening?
  • Walking to work lost mode-share. Hrumph!
  • Bicycling climbed above a half a percent for the first time. Actually it posted +31% gains relative to the previous year. Zippy!
  • Single Occupancy Motor Vehicles lost mode share for the 4th year in a row, dropping below 80% for the first time.

Source: The 2009 American Community Survey, via blog.

Car Free Day - The Very Stressful Movie Trailer Edition

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