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Castlewood & Barret Community Walkway Proposal

What if we could knit the Tyler Park and Germantown together, making walking between them an easy, pleasant experience?

Here is a proposal to improve a little valley's transportation, on the borders of the Highlands and Germantown.

Transit Planning Music Video of the Day

Engineered to Fail

Public Works Someone is still closing down Broadway sidewalks without offering a reasonable alternative. East Broadway has been closed for over a year. West Broadway (pictured above) has been closed for a few months now. We need sidewalk diversions at these types of closings!

Car-Free Happy Hour KARAOKE STYLE!

Car-Free Happy Hour March 10th Akiko's Karaoke

TARC puts surge of service on two main routes

Some are calling TARC's new service 'Bus Rapid Transit Lite' - a bus every fifteen minutes on routes #18 and #23 on weekdays, all day. That means the average wait for an unplanned ride is a mere 7.5 minutes. That's so frequent that I won't bother consulting a schedule.

The 18 has a new ripple - it serves the north end of U of L's Belknap campus, with direct service to the downtown medical center.

The 23 gets the high frequency by doing a timed interbraiding of a number of tributary routes at Douglass Loop.

This is a great service, paid for through federal CMAQ dollars, but before you invest millions of your own dollars in new development along the corridor, know that the funding stream will likely dry up in a few years, and so might the service. If we had a more robust form of funding for our transportation, this would spur some real development.

Sidewalks of Shame

A local walker is trying a new idea: Shaming local organizations into keeping up their sidewalks.

TARC Nightlife

Photo: Mary Beth Brown

I recently enjoyed a night on the town, going to a roller-rink outside of I-264. We TARCed there. Most of our friends took the same bus. It was great fun seeing friend after friend board the bus at each successive stop, and by the time we reached our destination we had a low-grade party going on.

Who Bikes in Louisville?

A Photo Survey


Car Free Happy Hour

30-8PM at Smoketown USA, 1153 Logan Street

Support Metro Louisville's Walking and Bicycling Master Plans

Attend the Final Public Meeting!

These are the final public meetings on the Bike Master Plan and Pedestrian Master Plan before Council takes them up for voting. They've been in development since the walking summit and the last bike summit. They've been evolved through a ton of public input and dogged determination on the part of Metro government (Thanks!). They should be adopted!

If you have ideas on how they can be improved, this is your last best chance. They'll have a host of interactive displays and developers on hand to explain and answer.

If you want to show political support for bicycling and walking, we're fairly certain that Council (and the new Mayor) will be setting priorities in part based on public turnout and support for these plans. So come to the one closest to you. Heck, come to two or three - can't hurt, can it? :)

More information at the links above.

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