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Bicycling For Louisville Campaign Aims to Create Driver Accountability

Pasted from the Bicycling for Louisville website:

Focus on the Road

A Vulnerable Road User Law for Kentucky

In Kentucky, when a driver breaks a traffic law and kills or injures another person, he faces no criminal penalties in the overwhelming majority of cases. Unless the driver is intoxicated or flees the scene, killing someone by breaking a traffic law usually carries no penalties other than increased insurance premiums.

There is a loophole in Kentucky's traffic law.


Show Your Support of Transit

CART to address Metro Council regarding increased TARC funding proposal

On Monday we need all friends of Transit to turn out at the Metro Council Transportation & Public Works meeting. Show our leaders that transit is a priority.

The meeting is at 5pm sharp at City Hall.

CART is proposing the city increase funding to TARC by $40 million to restore bus service to meet current demand and massively improve the system. Read our full proposal here.

After-party at Bearno's by the Bridge, 131 W. Main Street. 584-7437. Bring your own pizza money! Wheelchair accessible through the back.

Jon Villines Leaving Bike/Ped Coordinator Position

Jon is leaving his position as Bike/Ped coordinator for Louisville. The position has not been eliminated. CART is sad to see him go, and wishes him success in his next endeavor.

Hansen Comes Out Slugging Against Coal

Famous Global Warming Scientist basically gives up on the world's remaining oil. "Oil is going to get used and it's going to get in the atmosphere . . . and it doesn't really matter much how fast we burn it" because it'll all be burned soon anyway. But: "Coal is the one that we could prevent, so I think the most important near-term thing is to say let's have a moratorium on coal." Read the whole article at the Washington Post.

Peak Oil - Barely Peaked and Already Kentucky In Trouble

The C-J deduces that state gas tax revenue loss from high oil prices might impact our ability to buy new or maintain old automotive infrastructure: Falling gas sales could hurt state road projeccts. In related news, Ford management declares focus on smaller vehicles is 'permanent', bad news for the local SUV plant workers.

NYTimes: Travelers Shift to Rail as Cost of Fuel Rises

The New York Times has a good overview of American passenger rail

"Amtrak set records in May, both for the number of passengers it carried and for ticket revenues"

Metro Council Debates Transit

Just got back from Metro Council Budget, where there was a lively debate on transit options.  Download the entertaining audio files:

  1. Barry Barker's Initial Remarks - 13m
  2. Hybrids versus Clean Diesel - 9m
  3. TARC Senior Shopping trips, Charter busses, Q&A, TARC outside Jefferson Co. - 14m
  4. Commuter Rail on the Paducah & Louisville line, || Dixie Highway. "the Easiest way to add capacity to Dixie Highway" -BB. also: Louisville - Shelbyville - Frankfurt - Lexington line? - 2m
  5. Bus Rapid Transit corridors and neighborhood circulators - 2m
  6. Tina Ward-Pugh: More P&L, Dusting off T2 Light Rail, reasons for failure of T2 - 4m
  7. Grants, yet more P&L, Heiner: "Light Rail: the Sexiest Option" but expensive. Light Rail's effectiveness at blunting oil shock. - 5m
  8. TARC's Focus: BRT, not taxes. P&L cost estimate, Nite Owl, T.W-P on bridges - 14m

Ceiling Fans Go Counter-Clockwise in the Summer, and Other Stuff I Learned During My LG&E Energy Audit...

Haven't gotten an LG&E Energy Audit yet--what are you waiting for? You can sign up at or call 1-800-251-7808 to schedule an appointment. The audit costs $15 but pays for itself quickly if you make the recommended improvements, which range from ceiling fan adjustment and new lightbulbs to installing more insulation. 

Greyhound Mulls Restoring Lou/Lex Service

Greyhound is considering restoring service between Louisville and Lexington. Greyhound spokesperson Tim Gardiner says the major obstacle to Greyhound service right now is a lack of buses. In the fall, if they have more buses, they will consider that route.

Currently, to get between the two cities requires a time-consuming transfer in Cincinnati.

Hat tip to John Owen for the heads up.

Bike Share Leads to 5% Drop in Paris Car Traffic

If true: Ho lee cow!

It's hard to walk more than two blocks without running into a bike rack, which helps explain why the program has already yielded a 5% drop in car traffic. Paris has also removed lots of parking spots to make way for bike stations.

Source: Time Magazine

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