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Kentucky to get Zapped by Zap?

The state legislature is considering a special session to roll out the red carpet for ZAP Motor Company. The C-J breathlessly enthuses on the details. However, the C-J fails to mention the seriously negative reputation ZAP Motor Company has accumulated. From Wikipedia:

K&I Bike/Ped Bridge Negotiations

Looks like the city is actually picking up a stick on the RR bridge: "City to press on for access to K&IT Bridge for a pedestrian/bicycle path". Go Team! Ra! Ra!

NYTimes: American Energy Policy, Asleep at the Spigot

How did we get to $145/barrel oil wrecking our economy? Read "American Energy Policy, Asleep at the Spigot". It includes a history of gasoline taxes and CAFE fleet milage standards at the national level.

WaPo: DC's Hard Hitting Urban Redesign Stirs Controversy

Today's must-read artcle: "Drivers Feeling Shunned by D.C.". They're taking on the car culture head-on, and it is amazing how weak the car culture spokespeople sound once they're on the outside.

TIME spells out what we already knew: lowered gas consumption makes life way better,28757,1819594,00.html

TIME Magazine lists "10 Things You Can Like About $4 Gas." Some are obvious (less pollution? really?), but there are a few surprises, such as "more cops on the beat." My favorite line: "cops are being told to cut down on idling their cruisers — which is sort of like telling a teenager to stop using his cell phone." 

How YOU can Work for Better Transportation Through CART

People are asking me "How do I fight for more buses and how do I support CART?". There are a lot of ways, pick the method that suits you best. Readership


We're up +50% month-to-month for the second month in a row. I'd rank the probable causes as:

Effects of the oil shock on New York congestion.

The New York Times points out the ways that high gas prices do - and don't - emulate the proposed effects of congestion pricing.

Feds move to help TARC

C-J: "U.S. House approves transit bill that would aid TARC"

Bottom line: 4.6 million over 2 years and Feds would pick up 100% match on either hybrid busses ($525,000 free!) or the cost difference between hybrids and diesels ($200,000 free!). Either way a good deal. This still needs to pass the Senate and get signed by the President. After that it will roughly negate half of the budget shortfall from high diesel prices. That's not counting the ~5% shortfall in projected occupational tax revenue. Bottom line: A promising step but not a pancea.

Metro Council Meeting On TARC Funding Increase

Okay, though I'm still waiting to hear back from some people, here's my take on the Metro Council meeting:

Tina Ward-Pugh asked us to speak on our proposal.

We got up and talked briefly on the "why" you might want to do this thing. Synopsis: have you looked at fuel prices lately?

Judith Green asked: "So does TARC actually support this proposal?"

We said: We can't answer for TARC.

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