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Ride Your Bicycle in the Clifton Easter Parade!

Saturday, April 3rd - 11 A.M.
Meet at St Marks - 2822 Frankfort Ave.
All are welcome! Kids especially!

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Classic Transit Song of the Day

Bike!Bike! rolls into Louisville this weekend

Bicycle people from all across the region are coming to Louisville:

bike/bus safety video of the day

To: Nina Walfoort <>, Geoffrey Hobin <>
From: Dave Morse <>
SubjectCTA Bike and Bus safety video

CTA now requires all their operators to watch this video twice a year. Awwww, that's just mean, CTA!!

But, seriously, there is some interesting stuff in this. The fact that half of it targets bus operators, and half of it targets cyclists actually works in its favor - you get to see the other user's point of view. 

Share the Road - Buses and Bicycles from Chicago Bicycle Program on Vimeo.

Livable Louisville Forum

March 30, Clifton Center, 7pm

Reserve your seat now, they're going fast!

Event: Sidewalks from All Sides

Clifton sidewalk - photo Dave Morse

Complete, Clear, Safe and Accessible

Clifton Community Council Quarterly Meeting
March 25, 2010 at 7:00 PM
Clifton Center, 2117 Payne Street, at Clifton Ave.

Presented by the CCC Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Committee. Contact: Cassandra Culin kyspring@bells??, 895-5727

TARC Week Day 3: "Raise my Taxes, Please!"

"Evaluating Household Savings From High Quality Public Transit Service"

Today's TARC topic is the paper from Todd Litman at Victoria Transport Policy Institute. The whole paper is a fascinating collection of previous studies, and its worth reading the whole thing, but I wanted to bring out one or two particularly telling examples from it.

One new approach Litman takes it compare the total household transportation costs when high quality transit is put into the mix. Even though there's a higher tax rate, the overall personal transportation expenses go down:

Residents of communities with high quality public transportation spend significantly less on average on motor vehicles and transport overall, even taking into account additional subsidies.

Next interesting tidbit is the summary of benefits of supporting transit, even if you personally for some reason will never ride it no matter how great it is:

TARC Week Day 2: Public Input!

Today kicked off the public meetings on the TARC cuts. There were two meetings.

The first meeting at Union Station was packed. I expected 30 people. There were over 100!! People were polite but grumpy their routes were getting cut. People were casting blame everywhere - elected officials, TARC 'bloat', you name it. Nevertheless, I think the meeting was educational for most people there. The presentation was "folks: we're broke, that's why we're cutting your service". At least two council members and two mayoral candidates were there. The "Best Organized" Oscar certainly goes to the riders of the #66 Mt Washington / Sheperdsville express, who had signs, name tags, and maybe even a logo asking for their favourite route to be preserved!

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TARC week begins

This week we're going to run an article every day related to TARC, the Transportation Authority of River City. Today's theme is:

The Story So Far

  • TARC is forced into significant route cuts, including the virtual elimination of their express bus service. Read TARC's Frequently Asked Questions on the cuts.
  • Public meetings on the route cuts will run all this week, see for details.
  • Local transportation activist John Owen is stirring up people to not take the cuts lying down, and plans public meetings. Read his press release.
  • Mayoral Candidate Jackie Green is doing a "media event" at 10:30 am at TARC on Tuesday.
  • Join your fellow TARC riders on the mailing list.
  • Click below the fold for the Bad TARC Joke of the Day...

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