Update RE: Preliminary Injunction to Stop Tree Clearing in Endangered Bat Habitat

IN bat 

Please find linked below a link to CART's response to plaintiff's filings in opposition to CART's preliminary injunction to stop clearing of trees in the Tranylvania Beach / Harrods Creek vicinity.  The area is a known summer maternity habitat for endangered Indian Bats and is in the path of the East End Bridge and tunnel.  If the injunction is granted, construction of the East End Bridge would be delayed for a year since the tree clearing can only occur during the winter when bats hybernate, thus avoiding mortality of bats and their young in the affected forest. 
The preliminary injunction served as a platform for a number of arguments and the discussion in this response defends CART's position on several issues of contention.  It is a document worth reading as the arguments inform the essence of many of CART's complaints beyond protection of endangered bat species.  
If CART's preliminary injunction is granted, the entire project will be delayed a full year.  Because of that, we can expect rulings sooner than later as stakeholders including private financiers, consultants, engineering firms, politicians and others expecting massive profits from the project exert their power to avoid further delay.