TARC forced to do ANOTHER big service cut ALREADY

TARC plans to eliminate 24 routes in 2010, and cut most of the remaining 31 routes. Tommorow TARC's planned service cuts from this winter go into effect, but Louisvillian's revenue keeps on tanking, so TARC is having to cut more service for July. About $5m annually will be saved by this second round of cuts. The second round will be the subject of public meetings. See below for details.

TARC Routes, 2010

1 - 4th Street Trolley cut Feb, eliminate July
2 - Second Street cut Feb, cut again July
4 - Fourth Street cut Feb, cut again July
6 - Sixth Street cut Feb, cut again July, route change July
12 - Twelfth Street cut Feb, eliminate July
15 - Market Street cut Feb
17 - Bardstown Road route change July
18 - Preston / Dixie route change July
19 - Muhammad Ali Boulevard cut Feb, cut again July
21 - Chestnut Street route change July
22 - Twenty-second Street cut Feb, eliminate July
23 - Broadway route change July
25 - Oak Street cut Feb cut again July
27 - Hill Street cut July
29 - Eastern Parkway cut July
31 - Middletown cut Feb cut July
35 - Indian Trail-hikes Lane eliminate July
37 - Iroquois Park - Fairdale Express cut Feb eliminate July
38 - Deering Road Express eliminate July
40 - Jeffersontown Express
43 - Poplar Level/portland cut Feb
45 - Okolona Express cut Feb, eliminate July
46X - West Louisville / GE Express eliminate Feb
49 - Westport Express cut Feb, eliminate July
50 - Dixie Express eliminate July
52 - Medical Center Circulator
53 - Breckenridge Express cut Feb, eliminate July
54 - Manslick Express eliminate July
55 - Westport Road
58 - Bashford Manor - Oxmoor cut Feb, eliminate July
59 - River Road eliminate July
61 - Plainview Express cut Feb, eliminate July
62 - Breckenridge - Shepherdsville route change July
63 - Crums Lane cut Feb
64 - Fincastle-forest Spr Exp cut Feb, eliminate July
65 - Southern Indiana I-65 Express
66 - Mt Washington-shepherdsville, eliminate July
67 - Oldham I-71 Express cut Feb, cut again July
68 - Prospect Express eliminate July
69 - New Albany Express eliminate Feb
70 - Clarksville - New Albany Express eliminate Feb
71 - Jeffersonville cut Feb
72 - Clarksville - New Albany cut Feb, cut again July
73 - Charlestown Road Express cut Feb, eliminate July
74 - Jeffersonville / Riverfront
75 - Bluegrass Circulator eliminate July
77 - Main St. Trolley cut July
78 - Downtown/bluegrass Express cut Feb
80 - Hurstbourne Parkway eliminate July
84 - South Louisville
93 - Ups Shuttle - U of L
94 - Cardinal Shuttle Mon - Thurs
95 - Cardinal Shuttle Friday
96 - West Louisville Circulator eliminate Feb
99 - Ups Shuttle West Louisville

More on what you can do below the fold...


TARC is soliciting public comment on the proposals through March 11. Feedback can be sent to TARC by clicking “Contact Us” on the website, or by calling 561-5112. The mailing address is TARC, Union Station, 1000 W. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40203. Those wishing to discuss the changes and get more information about how they will be affected are invited to attend public hearings. The days and dates are as follows:

Tuesday, March 9

11 a.m to 1 p.m.
TARC Union Station, 1000 W. Broadway
5- 7 p.m.
Americana Community Center, 4801 Southside Drive

Wednesday March 10

11 a.m. to 1 p.m
Bon Air Library, 2816 Del Rio Place

11 a.m. to 1 p.m
New Albany - Floyd County Public Library, 180 West Spring St., in New Albany, Indiana

5-7 p.m.
East End Government Center, 200 Juneau Drive

Thursday March 11

5-7 p.m.
TARC Union Station, 1000 W. Broadway

Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, reasonable accommodations, including the provision of informational material in an alternative format, will be provided for qualified individuals with disabilities upon request. Language translators will also be provided upon request. Please call 561-5112 or 561-5115 with specific information on your special needs.

Visit: http://www.kipda.org/publicNotice/publicNotice02191001.aspx for more details

Of course you know how these meetings will go if you go in saying "Please don't cut route #1234, it goes by my house". They'll politely take down your comment, look at the total volume of comments for each route, and only if there's overwhelming unbalanced uproar on a given route will it get a reprieve, if you're lucky. But ultimately they have to shave operating hours somewhere. 

The problem is not TARC. The problem is mainly at the political level, not at the planning level. Write your mayor. Write your state and national Congressperson. Write your state and national Senators. Make it their priority.


tarc cuts

Why would yall cut the 35 tarc route when the people who rides that bus needs it. We need to it get to school with because i need in general needs thats bus to get to school everyday plus that is the only bus thats goes on fern valley for us to get to school with especially me so what am i suppose to do now if this bus gets cut and stuff. See yall don't undertand what yall are doing to the people that needs that bus everyday to get to places on fern valley.