How YOU can Work for Better Transportation Through CART

People are asking me "How do I fight for more buses and how do I support CART?". There are a lot of ways, pick the method that suits you best.


Cart is a membership organization where the members pay dues. For information on how to join, and the benefits membership confers, follow the join link at the top of this web page.

Educate Yourself

To be effective advocates we have to first understand the issues ourselves. publishes a steady stream of timely articles about transportation. Subscribe to our free online newsletter and get one email per season summarizing the website.

Our quarterly meetings provide expert speakers and an engaged audience. Check our events page for information on the next quarterly meeting. CART quarterly meetings are open to the public, you need not be a CART member to attend.


Got an issue? Why not post a story to the CART website where thousands can read it. Also, you can comment on existing articles and weigh in with your viewpoint.

CART participates in a number of Louisville-centric online mailing lists devoted to alternative transportation. Sign up for the ones that interest you:

Volunteer with CART

CART wants to help you succeed on the project you're planning. Let us know what you're up to. We can even help match you with other volunteers..

If you don't have a project yet, but you're interested in community service, please join the volunteer mailing list. This lets us quickly and efficiently match volunteers with needs.

Finally, if you have special skills, like you're a lawyer, or a rail expert, or graphic designer, or programmer, or elected official, please use the Contact link to let us know of your abilities.


Write your elected officials and stress the need for alternative transportation.

Write letters to the editor and stress the need for alternative transportation.

In conversations with friends and colleagues, simply explain the need for alternative transportation.

Resist the Bridges

The Ohio River Bridges Project is a strategic foe of sound transportation planning. These bridges have already imposed a staggering opportunity cost on Louisville's transportation network, quite apart from the money. The bridges solve a problem that won't exist by the time they would be completed, and they will never be completed because they are too expensive to actually be built.

Unfortunately, elected leadership is content to have the bridges gobble up all transportation resources prior to their inevitable failure. The sooner we stop the bridges, the faster we can move forward on sound transportation policy.



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